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Pet Fence Popular Dog Fencing Layouts

Pet Fence Layout Design

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Dog Fence Layouts

On this page are the most popular fencing system layouts. Some layouts are more ideal than others, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  We can design almost any layout based on your needs.

Full Yard (with optional internal zones)

The full yard layout is the most simple dog fence set up. The wire runs from the transmitter inside your home and runs out around your property’s boundary and then back to the transmitter. 

Hourglass - Front Yard and Back Yard

The hourglass layout is most commonly used with properties that have a side gate or obstruction on the side of the house. This option is suitable for pets that are allowed through the house and into the front and back yard.

Partial Yard - Front Yard or Backyard

The Double Loop Layout safely contains your dog in your front or back yard.


Existing Fence

Dog Containment Fence Systems can be used with existing traditional fencing as shown.  


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