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Electric Dog Fence

Installation of your Electric Dog Fence

A safely contained dog begins with proper installation of your hidden, underground dog fencing.

Prior to installation of your new pet fence, a K9Guard consultant will map the boundaries of your property and go over exactly where you want your dog to be able to safely play and roam, and those areas you wish your dog to stay out of (flower beds, mulch, pool, etc.). We’ll mark the yard so you can see for yourself your dog’s “safe” areas and his “no go” areas.

When out technician arrives at your home to install your new fence , he’ll go over the containment area with you again, showing you where the dog’s boundaries will be, where the control panel will be installed and the location of the hidden, underground wire.  This will allow any minor last minute adjustments prior to the installation.

New lawn? No worries. We pride ourselves on low impact installation. At a recent pet containment installation a client asked when we were going to install the wire in the ground. When we told her we had already installed the wire she was amazed that we were able to do so without any meaningful disruption of the yard!  


Great product, service and people. Keep up the great work.
Tom G.
Stuart, FL