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Do You Need An Invisible Fence For your Pool To Protect Your Dog?

It‘s not just that you don‘t want Fido taking a dip in the pool you also don‘t want him drinking pool water, which can contain harmful chemicals. Our most recent client in Hobe Sound, Florida, installed a new pool and was quite worried about her dog falling into the water. There are various strategies you can use to keep your dog out of the pool, such as:

1. Installing a physical fence around the pool. Although this is the most straightforward option, it is also the most costly and time-consuming. If you go this route, make sure the fence is tall enough that your dog can‘t jump over it, and that the gaps between the pickets are small enough that he can‘t squeeze through.

2. Educating your dog to avoid the pool. If you don’t want to deal with the money and inconvenience of erecting a fence, this is a fantastic option. Start by training your dog not to go on the patio or deck near the pool. Then, start by introducing him to the pool area for a little period of time at a time.

3. Using a hidden fence. A hidden fence, also known as an invisible fence or electronic fence, is a great way to keep your dog away from the pool area without having to put up a physical fence. Hidden fences function by enclosing your property with an imperceptible wall. When your dog wears a special collar, he‘ll receive a warning beep as he approaches the boundary. He will experience a minor shock if he does not turn around. Most dogs can rapidly learn to avoid the border with the right training.

4. Putting up a pool cover. A pool cover is a physical barrier that will prevent your dog from getting into the pool. It’s an excellent technique to keep your pool clear of debris and clean as well. Be sure to choose a cover that‘s durable and fits snugly over your pool.

5. Installing a pool alarm. A pool alarm will sound whenever someone or something enters the pool, alerting you to the fact that your dog is in the water. There are several different types of pool alarms available, including ones that work with a wireless transmitter, ones that attach to the pool deck, and ones that float in the water.

You can keep your dog secure, dry, and away from your pool with a little forethought and work.


Thank you do much for installing our new hidden fence! It’s only beeen a week and a half and chloe has been off her leash in the yard all weekend, and is doing great. It’s amazing how fast she learned her boundaries. I must say that it was money well spent, and the peace of mind that she will stay in the yard is… priceless.
Gloria T.
Royal Palm Beach, FL

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