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A wire that is buried carries a radio signal (harmless) around the designated boundary . Your dog(s) are fitted with a small receiver that is worn on the collar that picks up the signal transmitted by the boundary wire and gives a warning beep when the receiver is too close.

Stimulation has been used in dog training for over 40 years. The correction is strong enough to reinforce your dog’s good behavior, not to hurt him. The amount of correction can be adjusted so that a dog (or cat) received the appropriate level of stimulation for its size and personality.

The system runs on radio signals. The transmitter emits a signal to the receiver on the dog’s collar, which then emits an audible warning to warn your dog when he gets too close to the boundary; followed by a mild correction, if he crosses into the designated signal field.

We get several calls weekly from people asking us if we can give them a quote on an Invisible Fence® for their dog. We want to be clear, we are not an Invisible Fence® dealer.  Invisible Fence® is a trademarked name that refers to a specific company and product.

K9Guard sells it’s own electronic “hidden pet fence” branded equipment that uses similar technology to what is sold by Invisible Fence®, but it is not exactly the same. 

Yes! There is no limit to the number of dogs, and all receivers can be custom set for each dog contained.

Hidden pet fences tend to work best on dogs.  Although we’ve installed systems for cat owners in the past, we generally don’t recommend a hidden pet fence for cats.

At K9Guard, we care about your dog(s) as much as you do. Our quality invisible dog fences will keep your dog away from dangerous areas and safe in your yard.  K9Guard has over 20 years of success in containing dogs with hidden fences that are simple to use and highly effective. 


Every day we are thankful we had you install the underground fence. It has been the best thing ever! We’re wondering how we lived so long without it!
Maria G.
Port St. Lucie, FL